Luxury Sea View House

The owners of this modern luxury house wanted a smart system for their home that could control windows, blinds, heating (including underfloor), tv, audio and the alarm. We installed a system that can be operated from the small, user-friendly touchscreen, a single remote, or via computer when away from home.

The system covered everyday functions such as heating, lighting, and arming or disarming the alarm system, and also included extras such as programming the alarm system to use the owners’ movements at night to turn lights on dimly only where they are walking. We installed an all-off button in the master bedroom to turn the lights off from bed, and we installed and programmed an eight-zone audio-visual system that has individually controllable rooms. We programmed the roller blinds to raise and lower automatically, not only to help maintain a constant temperature, but also to display their beautiful 180-degree panoramic view of the city, mountains and sea at sunset.

Luxury Home

The owners of this house were after a home automation system that looks after heating, lighting, the alarm system, and all their audio-visual needs. We built a home theatre pc that controls both the music system – an eight-zone system with six audio sources that can play the same or different music in each room – and their tv viewing. The pc has myFreeview built into it, with all viewing and recording functions, and it also stores a movie library and the owners’ photos. Everything in the lounge, including heating and lighting, is controllable from an easy-to-use universal remote, which is set with the logos of each tv channel for easy choosing. As well as these functions, we gave the owners extra peace of mind by installing a panic button in their bedroom that, when pressed, sets off the alarm and lights up the house.

Luxury Lake View Holiday Home

This luxury lake view holiday home needs to be fully automated so that the owners can make the house comfortable before they arrive. They can phone the smart system or log in via computer from anywhere in the world, to control all heating, lighting (both indoor and outdoor), and security, including unlocking doors and disarming alarms to let in cleaners, gardeners or family friends. The system can automatically turn on the lighting to look like the house is occupied, and it even controls the swimming pool. We also installed a 17” control touch screen in the kitchen area and set it out in a simple and user-friendly way.

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