Dairy Farm Industry, New Zealand

In conjunction with Onfarm Solutions (www.onfarmsolutions.com) Automated Technologies developed the control system along with the mechanical design of the Teatwand automatic teat spray system for rotary dairies. The idea of the system is based on the idea of a mans hand doing the same job but automating the process to remove some of the costly labour from the milking process. The Teatwand system has evolved over the past 8 years into the most cost effective and efficient system available worldwide with exports to Australia, UK, Europe and the USA. Automated Technologies is heavily involved with Research and Development of Onfarm Solutions products and have two exciting products in development at present (March 2016).

Food Equipment Manufacturing

This company specialises in manufacturing food-handling equipment for major food manufacturers, including bread line conveyors, crate packing and washing systems, pie lines, food printers, bread provers, and many more.

We design all of their equipment electrically, including the control system and other aspects such as what sensors are needed where. We draw up all required electrical drawings, and wire and program the machines, including the control touch screens. After ensuring the machines work to specification, we disassemble them and install and commission them on-site in Australia.

Bakery, Australia

For this major bread bakery, we installed machinery to get the bread ready for transporting to supermarkets and shops. This involved a conveyor line of 24 conveyors with sorting functions, to move bread from the coolers to the slicers, and then onto the baggers. After the baggers, we installed bread loaders that load the bagged bread into crates, and then crate loaders which stack the crates properly and to the right height. Finally, we installed dolly loaders, which put two crate stacks onto a wheeled trolley so the bread can be moved and loaded into trucks.

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